Quality et Expertise

The satisfaction of our customers depends on the quality of our productions and the professional expertise of our teams. We owe it to you to develop solutions that aim for excellence.

Tradition et Innovation

Our know-how must integrate our region history into an international market. Listening to our customers, technological trends and regulation change, it's in a "spirit of entrepreneurship" that we always offer innovative solutions.

Responsible Comitment

Our commitment to work responsibly is an integral part of our development. We must maintain with our customers and partners relationships that are based on trust, loyalty and respect.

Involved since more than 35 years to control the risks of biological disorders related to, construction materials and of wine buildings maintenance, it is in this spirit of research, of quality and environmental protection that deproma-viti developed an innovative and specialized range of protective coatings (paints, resins, wood treatment, etc.) to answer at the sanitary requirements of the winemaking units..

Hygiene should be overflowing and current production tool evolves inevitably towards a clean, qualitative, efficient and safe company.

In oenology, the hygiene integrated into buildings aims to control the biological disorders (deterioration, analytical or organoleptic modification) inherent in the environment of the cellars.

The reasoned conception of premises must integrate the use of coatings, specific construction materials, who answer to the requirements of wine maturing and participate actively to the control of professional risks by ensuring the safety and the well-being of the operators.

Control of biological disorders

From harvest to consumption, grapes, must and the wine evolve in a sensitive environment, favourable to a rapid and abundant proliferation of biological contamination sources.

Premises of Wine making, maturing, bottling, storage of dry matter have an influence on the final quality of the wine. Moulds are found everywhere in wine storehouse, casks, under-maintained cellars. (Mucor, Penicillium, Aspergillus Versicolas, ochraceus, cinérea Botrytis, Trichoderma ...)

The relation between the environment (air, material ...), products (grapes, must, wine ...) and micro-organisms are well established. Preventing contaminants appears, in the vineyards, as a priority.

DEPROMA® VITI is involved in an approach of risks control. Into this research spirit the company submits all its products to several tests.

Those tests are made by laboratories, that are highly specialized and considered by winemakers.

Every products benefit from scientific references and complies with the recommendations of the "Good Hygiene Practices Guide for Wine Industry"